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It's a people thing...

I love this quote...

So, moving on pretty directly from my last blog, about how Pixie became the pink pig (yup, still crying a little!)

I wanted to move on and talk a bit more about how that experience inspired me to become a dog groomer... and ultimately how this quote is at the heart of the Pixie's Parlour ethos..

When I went through what lots of people affectionally call the 'shave off of shame', it wasn't enough that I felt guilty because I have (quite honestly) naively let Pixie become matted... I was made to also feel that I was unfit to own a dog... which impacted the guilt I already felt...

When reflecting on the situation, it made me sad that I had been made to feel like that, and it made me wonder how many other people had for whatever reason found themselves in my position. (We don't know what goes on in people's lives... and its unfair to assume laziness.)

Out of this, the ethos of Pixie's Parlour was born... whilst I am ultimately looking out for your pets welfare (and yes of course it's not fair on your dog for it to become matted), I believe in helping people and looking out for them and understanding their individual and specific situation that may have been a contributing factor.

So, really what I'm saying is I am NOT here to stand on a sop box and judge... I AM here to help you.

And the boring bit - the information in this blog are my own opinions, thoughts and feelings and are based purely on my own experiences.

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