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Pixie and the Pink Pig...

Welcome to my blog pages.... where to begin?

I think, we should start with The Pink Pig... I have a story I tell about Pixie's first trip to the groomers when she was a pup... here it is... in full... and probably the basis of my thoughts in to becoming a dog groomer...

This is a picture of my dog Pixie... she's about 5 months in this picture... she's a Miniature Labradoodle... and has more of the wool type coat of the Poodle... which makes her look super cute!!

However, like many of us naive people who likes a lovely fluffy dog... I fell in to the trap of not truly understanding how much brushing she needed...!!! (btw...this was before I became a dog groomer!)

So, when I thought she was looking a little scruffy I thought I'd pop her in the local groomer and have her tidied up... <uh oh> I hear you say... and yup... you would be right... when I took her in she was very matted beyond the point of recovery... and her coat has to be removed... pretty much done to her skin! (I cry a little every time I think about it!)

And, so my lovely fluffy puppy above became a pink pig (ish)

Here she is after her first groom... looking very very different... and I felt very very guilty... and like the worst dog mummy in the world...!

And I vowed never to let that happen again!

The information in this blog are my own thoughts and feelings and are NOT based on any scientific fact.

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