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Senior Moments

It occurred to me a while ago... what happens when our canine companions approach their twilight years, but still need a hair cut?

Do we still expect them to be able to cope with a full grooming session that could be 2 hours or more?

Put it this way... would you expect your elderly parent to able to stand for 2 hours? I know I wouldn't,,, my mum would definitely tell me what for and likely give me a clout with her walking stick!!

So, why do we expect our dogs to be any different? They will get fidgety and lose patience... as a dog gets older just like us they start to also suffer with stiffness, aches and pains, and don't want to be pulled / poked about...

So, let's look at what comfort grooming actually is.... its about making the grooming experience as a whole comfortable for your dog... and if that means that the session is only 1 hour and focusses on the areas that absolutely need it then so be it...

Lets respect our aged four legged friends and ensure that they are as comfortable as possible...

The thoughts in this blog are my own, and are entirely my own opinions.

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