1. Services

    1. Means, Pixies Parlour groomers will provide the services as specified and agreed with the client.

    2. Additional services may be provided on a case by case basis where a dogs coat may be matted or in poor condition.

  2. Prices

    1. All grooming services will priced accordingly and agreed with the client

    2. All charges will be due on completion of the groom, by Cash or Card.

    3. Additional charges may be levied at a time where additional services and time are needed, for example for a very matted coated.

    4. If your dog is found to have fleas, then you will be advised and the course of action will be agreed that will include a bath in a flea shampoo, and this may be charged extra.

    5. If a groom has to be stopped for any reason, including behavioural problems, the charge will be as per the standard rate.

  3. Appointments

    1. Appointments are booked in advance and the time allowed will be a suitable amount of time to complete the groom.  Except where the following exceptions apply:-

      1. Coat is matted / in poor condition.

      2. Behavioural problems

    2. For cancellations, please give 24hrs notice.  A charge may be levied at the discretion of Pixie’s Parlour for cancellations requested with less than 24 hours’ notice.

    3. If you are not available at the time a Pixies Parlour groomer arrives to undertake the appointment, then we will wait for 15 minutes, if there is a no show within this time then a cancellation will be processed with the appropriate charges levied.

    4. For repeat no show appointments, Pixie’s Parlour reserve the right to refuse appointments requested or, if an appointment is accepted there will be a pre-payment deposit of 50% of the full groom price requirement.

  4. Animal Welfare

    1. Pixie’s Parlour uphold the requirements as per the Animal Welfare Act 2006, and will provide the 5 needs as documented.

    2. Pixie’s Parlour will work to ensure the experience of grooming for the dog is as comfortable as possible and will not intentionally cause any harm to the animal.

    3. At the time of grooming, a Pixies Parlour groomer will undertake a visual health check, and if anything is discovered that could be an issue then the groomer will advise you and the best course of action.

    4. Pregnant dogs, every care will be taken to groom a pregnant dog to ensure her comfort, but is at the owner’s own risk.

    5. Pixies Parlour will not accept dogs who require sedation to be groomed.

  5. Dangerous Dogs Act

    1. Pixie’s Parlour will work inline with the regulations as documented within this legislation and reserve the right to use appropriate restraints through out the grooming process that may include, but will not be limited to, neck restraints, belly restraints, muzzles.

  6. Pre-Requisites

    1. Pixie’s Parlour require an appropriate space to work where there is ample room for a table to be erected with the appropriate restraints.

    2. Pixie’s Parlour require access to bathing facilities, either a bath or shower appropriate to be used in the bathing of your dog.

    3. Pixie’s Parlour will endeavour to ensure that the work area’s are left clean and sanitary after the groom has been completed.

    4. If, any of the above can not be provided then please do advise the groomer before hand so that we can make the necessary arrangements to bring equipment, or make arrangements for an appropriate space to be available.

    5. If you do not have an appropriate space then the Pixie’s Parlour groomer can collect your dog, undertake the groom with in a suitable premises and return your dog on completion.

    6. Before any groom is undertaken a record card will be completed, that must include all current health conditions, medication being taken, behavioural issues etc, this information is invaluable to Pixies parlour to ensure that every care is taken.

  7. Miscellaneous

    1. Abusive behaviour to any Pixie’s Parlour groomer will not be tolerated.

    2. Pixie’s parlour will take pictures of your dog before, during and after each groom to assist with future grooms, but also for advertising purposes, if you do not wish to have your dogs picture made public please advise us before the groom begins.

    3. Vets Bills,

      1. if an injury occurs during the groom that is the responsibility of s Pixies Parlour groomer then the vet bill will be covered by Pixies Parlour.

      2. If after a period of time after the groom has been completed and the dog displays issues, Pixie’s Parlour will not be liable for any Vets bills.



Pixies parlour is covered by liability insurance.

Data Protection and Privacy

Pixies Parlour takes data protection and privacy very seriously, and undertakes its obligations to the requirements of such legislations.

Pixie’s Parlour gathers personal information, for the purpose of providing services to that person in relation to dog grooming, and will not share that information outside of the organisation unless there is a legal, regulatory or contractual reason.

The information Pixies Parlour holds, will include, names, addresses and phone numbers.

the individual has a right to access the information being held by Pixies Parlour for the purpose of, correction, restriction or deletion, and any access requests of this nature should be made in writing to PixiesParlour18@gmail.com.

For further information about how Pixies Parlour uses personal Information contact us

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