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Dog Grooming

In your home or from our salon

Our Services

Pixie's Parlour Full Dog Groom

The Full Groom

The Full Groom is exactly that... it includes the works, starting with a nice wash in our all natural shampoo, followed by a nice blow dry and brush out to make sure there are no nasty knots, and the following this we undertake any clipper or scissor work,  not forgetting trimming the nails and ear cleaning. 

Pixie's Parlour Wash and Blow Dry

The Half Groom

The Half Groom, is great for in between your Full Groom times, to help keep on top of things.

We again start with a nice wash in our all natural shampoo, followed up with a blow dry and good brush out to make sure there are no nasty knots, also included is a nil trim and ear clean.  

Pixie's Parlour Puppy Pamper

Puppy Pamper 

The Puppy Pamper is a great way to start your canine companion off in to the world of grooming. 

We start with a lovely wash in our special puppy shampoo, followed by a cuddle in front of the dryer, and a gentle brush. 

Suitable for all breeds.

Pixie's Parlour Nail Clipping

The Hygiene 

The Hygiene, is great for those of our canine companions who don't necessarily need a Full or Half groom, but may just need a hygiene trim.  This includes just nail trim and ear clean if needed, and for our fluffier butts out there a bottom tidy. 

Our Products 

Grooming Packs

Everything you need to ensure that your canine companion is clean & smelling fresh, as well as lovely and knot free! 


Everything you need to make your furry friend look stylish & fabulous! 



A great range of all natural shampoo's, cruelty free and vegan friendly! 

Our Services
Pixie's Parlour About Us

About Us

At Pixie's Parlour our passion is pet grooming, and we can provide our grooming services either from the comfort of your home or the welcoming and calm environment of our salon.  

My name is Charlotte, and I am a level 3 qualified, pet first aid certified, crazy about canines pet groomer, and as the owner of 2 dogs with high maintenance coats myself, I completely understand that sometimes grooming the dog is the last thing on the list (I have that t-shirt!).

Pixie's Parlour, was therefore born out of my understanding and empathy of when life throws you a curve ball, sometimes we have other priorities, so why not get in touch with me for a friendly chat and see what I can do to help.  

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About Us
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My Happy Clients



Had Mr Paws groomed yesterday and you can just see from the photos how good she is and she is very patient with the animal which she'd have to be with mine! 

Thank you very much And highly recommend

Thank you so much for spending so much time and on Bobby tonight, he looks so much better and is much happier and cooler, I can't thank you enough and will definitely be coming back.

"The service provided by Charlotte of Pixie's Parlour is outstanding. Our mutt has been neglected of late due to family issues but there was absolutely no judgement just care, sympathy and complete professionalism. Our pooch is now much happier and we have a fresh start."  ​

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Sun: Closed

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07469 195706

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