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Dog Grooming as a service?

You have probably heard the term 'as a service' whether that is relating to your email or your preferred method of online food shopping... they are both services that are provided at the convenience for you... you can log on to your email anywhere at whatever time is good for you... and likewise the supermarket can now delivery your groceries from 7am to 11pm at night...

So why not, get your dog groomed at a time that suits you too? (with in reason) and why not in your home?

Lots of people need to have their dogs groomed by a professional... and whilst lots of us can get our dogs to a salon Monday to Friday between 9 and 5pm... but, what about those of us who can't do week days and find weekends an issue with other commitments... sometimes its just not possible...

So, the idea came to me... why not let the groomer come to you and groom your dog in your home at a time that suits you?

This doesn't just cater for those of us with busy home lives who have trouble sparing the time to nip out and drop off and collect their dogs (because sometimes its not a quick job) ... but also how about if you have a nervous dog who might find the whole experience too much?

Or maybe you're a dog who has a nervous human, who finds the whole experience too much?

And so... the concept of Pixie's Parlour began to develop further... building more on the 'I'm here to help' message...

But - What about all the Mess?

Yes, grooming dogs is messy... and yep I get that... so - I clean up (as much as I can) after myself too... yes... even the bath!

So, everyones a winner!

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